12 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Tokyo


The capital city which hosts the Parliament of the Monarchical Japan is Tokyo. It is located in Honshu, Japan’s largest island, and is currently the world’s most expensive city, with efficient transport and network links like subway networks and rails. It hosts a mega world cultural, sport and concert events which makes it a world tourist destination.

There are so many exciting and inspiring tourist attraction sites in Tokyo. Here are 12 of the top tourist sites in the city:

The Kabuki-Za Theatre

The historic Kabuki-za Theatre in Ginza district is famed for the indigenous native Kabuki performances. This theatre has rich historical roots with links to the rich history of Japan to the medieval times.

The National Art Center

The classical, world top rated museum is located in Roppongi district, Tokyo. Ever since its opening in 2007, its earned reputation has been attributed to the more than 600 paintings of modern exhibitions and arts.

The Tokyo Skytree

Revellers of skyscrapers, visit the 634-meter-tall observation and communication tower, located in Sumida district, Tokyo. The country’s tallest structure was opened in 2012.

The Marikim and Edo-Tokyo Museums

The fascinating museum is one of Tokyo’s newest museums.  The Museum has a fascinating insight into Japan’s massive role as the leading world technology hub. The gem hosts the replica bridge leading to mock-up residences in the initial old city Edo.

Meiji Shrine

This shrine is one of the most important in Tokyo. Built from 1915 to 1926 as a dedication to Emperor Meiji and his wife, destroyed during the Second World War and rebuilt in 1958 is an important religious and historical treasure of the city. It contains royal treasures and a collection of materials relating to the lives of the Emperor and Empress.

National Museum of Western Art

The 1959 built building hosts exhibitions of significant French artists, emanating from Japanese businessmen. It has a perfect restaurant with splendid courtyard views.

Tokyo National Museum

The Museum houses over 100,000 significant works of the Japanese, Indian, and Chinese art, as well as significant 100 national treasures. Historical weapons, Buddhist sculptures, and other masterpieces make it worthwhile.

Ueno Park and Zoo

In the heart of Tokyo lies a green paradise which is the city’s largest green space called Ueno Park. The park has a zoo, temples and aquarium making it popular.

National Museum of Nature and Science

Situated in Tokyo’s Ueno Park, the outstanding National Museum of Nature and Science was opened in 1871 and was recently renovated. It hosts various magnificent galleries displaying natural science, nuclear energy, space development, and transportation. Well, it’s amazing.

Asakusa and the Senso-Ji Temple

This exquisite temple which retains the original appearance despite having been rebuilt many times over is in Asakusa District and is the most famous shrine in the city. It was established in 645 AD and is dedicated to the Buddhist goddess Kannon. One of the standout features is the Kaminari-mon Gate – 3.3-meter-high red paper lantern bearing the inscription “Thunder Gate”.

Ginza District: Shop till you Drop

Just as with New York’s Times Square, Ginza, which is centuries older, is Tokyo’s busiest shopping area, which explains the influx of tourists here. It is where five ancient roads connecting Japan’s major cities all met.

The Imperial Palace

The Imperial Palace is Marunouchi District’s chief tourist attraction site, hosting splendid 17th-century parks which are still surrounded by original walls and moats. It is still used by the Royal family so, tourists visit to catch a glimpse of the Emperor. Probably the most important site as far as the development of Tokyo, the palace stands on the site where, the Feudal Lord Ota Dokan laid the first fortress in 1457, and the epicenter from which the city of Tokyo (Edo) grew.


Tokyo is a very modern city yet truly historical, preserving cultural past. An amazing experience of Tokyo can only be completed by linking the ancient to modern and these 12 spectacular tourist sites will do exactly that. The next time you lock your garage door and drive off for an overseas holiday, it better beto this beautiful city of Japan.