#94. Vegan Festival in Mexico (Vegan and Gluten Free in Guadalajara)


Thanks to one of our super cool subscribers, we learned about a vegan food festival in Mexico that is happening this weekend at Jardín Americana in Guadalajara. In our experience, finding vegan food in Mexico is somewhat difficult. That does not seem to be the case in Guadalajara, Mexico though. Gluten free and vegan food is much more common! Hooray!

Can you be vegan in Mexico? This Mexican vegan food festival says yes! We learned so much about the Mexico vegan food culture at this event. There were tamales, cookies, sandwiches, cauliflower “wings,” drinks, “burgers,” and so many more delicious vegan and gluten free items to try! We didn’t have enough space in our stomachs to fit it all.

As I’m sure you would guess, vegetarian eating in Mexico goes right alongside this. Everything at the vegan festival in Mexico was also fine for vegetarian eating and many Mexico gluten free food options as well. There are dozens of businesses focused on vegan eating Mexico has no shortage of animal-free food.

As we mentioned in the video, Maddie is the creator of the gluten-free and vegan food blog, SharingEveryBite.com. She was probably the most excited to meet fellow foodies in Mexico who have mastered the art of making food vegan and gluten-free in Mexico.

1. TRICI-Food (
2. Simply Vegan Bakery; Maria Paula Virues Holtscchmit ( 331-604-1015 @simplyveganbakery. There are vegan and gluten-free options!
3. Coxala (

Note: We were not paid by or endorsed by these businesses. We just think they’re awesome and deserve some recognition. 😉

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