Amazing JAPANESE FOOD Feast in Okinawa! BBQ + SEAFOOD and Street Food in RURAL Japan!


Okinawa – Street Food in Japan – Japanese Seafood + BBQ

Okinawa day 1 –

Okinawa day 2 –

On day 3 of our HUGE Japanese street food tour in Okinawa, Japan we tried some of the all time CLASSICS in Okinawa. First off the famous soba noodles! Super bouncy and firm noodles served with pork short ribs! Seriously addictive!

We then go to a small rural Japanese town for some seriously fresh seafood – tuna sashimi !! We then stopped at a cool little shop for a Japanese food favorite – shaved ice served with red beans!

We show you guys the beautiful Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium where we check out all the cool fish and get swarmed by tourists!

Finally we finish our day back at home with a classic BBQ!

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Street Food in Okinawa, Japan – Luke Martin 2018 – Chopstick Travel