Fans with SaTaN at Rosa Inn’s Tokyo J-Pop Goth underground Festival Dec. 2013 03851


Sunday’s Show at Live Rosa Inn’s Tokyo J-Pop Goth underground Festival Dec. 2013, Tokyo’s Premier Underground Live Band Event. “Artism Festa” occurs every few months and is almost completely unknown to foreigners. This is the Sunday version. This is the second time I have filmed it and it is definitely one of my favorite events in Tokyo. Bands playing live today included Clown X Berry, Magistina Saga, Lost Humanic, SaTaN, Rose Noire, ElupiA, Iruma Rioka, Velvet Eden. I loved watching the crowd also as you can see in the videos. In between sets, the dance beat continued with DJ’ing by DJ MiKaN, DJ Manik, DJ Wakana. Ikebukuro’s “Live Inn Rosa” is open almost every day, and plays mostly J-Pop Music and is located only about 5 minute walk from the West Exit of Ikebukuro Station, Tokyo Japan. Check their website for details. Filmed over a two day period in December 7-8 2013 in High Definition. Special thanks to Ds Valentine.