Harajuku Street Photography and Karaoke | Tokyo Vlog


We took some Harajuku street photography today and went to Karaoke. It was amazing.
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Harajuku is one of the best neighbourhoods to see the counter-culture of Japanese fashion. In the neighbourhood, it’s not just style, it is it’s own genre. Harajuku fashion is anime, it’s cosplay, and it’s a little bit awesome. We headed to this part of Tokyo for some street photography and to explore.
One of my favourite photos from the time was of the Harajuku girl in the cover of the video. There weren’t as many opportunities for street photos of the people rocking amazing hair or outfits as I had hoped, but there were a couple. I love Harajuku, and it might actually be my favourite place in the world for street photography.
After taking pictures at sunset, we left Harajuku and headed off to find a karaoke. There are few things more necessary as a part of any person’s visit to Tokyo as a night of Karaoke. And, it was as amazing as expected.
Tomorrow, there’s another Tokyo vlog as the Japan series continues!