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In this episode, we give you a tour of another affordable airbnb, this time in the beautiful city of Osaka. A more laid back version of Tokyo but with equally as much to offer. Watch our video for an insight of airbnb in this amazing city with endless things to do.

This airbnb was very affordable (we paid $56CAD/5000YEN per night, perfect for budget travelers like us), centrally located, clean and the hosts were very accommodating! Located 10 mins away from Dotonbori. It is a typical Japanese house/apartment enough for 2-3 friends or a small family.

››› $26-60 per night depending on time of the year

›››Get $45 off your first airbnb with his link:

››› Umeda Sky Building 梅田スカイビル
››› Dontonbori 道頓堀
››› HozenjiTemple 法善寺
››› Pokemon Center
››› Shinsekai 新世界
››› Den-Den Town
››› Shitennoji 四天王寺
››› Osaka Castle

›››We would recommend staying at an accommodation around Dotonbori, Namba or DenDen Town. Both are central to where all the fun touristy things are! On our second visit we stayed in Namba Town and mostly everything was walking distance away.
›››Purchase an Osaka amazing pass! This pass is a definite bang for your buck and really allows you to see what the city of Osaka has to offer. This pass allows you free access to many attractions, discounts for certain things and unlimited access to the subway!!! It was amazing!
›››Arrive to attractions EARLY in the morning. A lot of attractions can get over-crowded during prime time. Jim and I woke up early everyday and really enjoyed the quiet, peacefulness of the attractions we visited. For example, Osaka Castle and Shitennoji can get really crowded.
›››Book accommodations ahead of time especially during peak season as they get booked up fast and will be more expensive at a later date.
›››Peak season is during cherry blossom and autumn foliage times
›››Be prepare for a lot of walking!
›››Bringing a power bar – a major key if you have camera, cell phone, and etc. This is also handy if you have only one travel outlet adapter which can be very expensive ($10-$15 per adapter) to allow you to charge multiple devices.
›››For travelling groups: airbnb hands down. I found that there are more than plenty of listings around 3000-5000 yen that could accommodate 2-4 people. Far below the cost of a traditional hotel lodging.
›››Cross reference your itinerary to your potential accommodation. Google maps is a big help to figure this out. Make sure your accommodation is in close proximity to a train station.
›››My last final advice would be to CHECK THE REVIEWS!
Reading the reviews always gave me good insight on the amenities and cleanliness, the two things for me thats really important. Last thing you want is to come back to a place with dirty washrooms, no wifi, or no a/c in the middle of summer.

If anyone else has any other advice they would like to add, feel free to add it in the comment section below.

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