“Kappabashi Tool Street” with tool shops is a must-see, Asakusa, Tokyo


Kappabashi Tool Street has 90 years of history and it the largest tools selling street in Japan. The tools street has been organized into specialty tools shops which deal with many specialty tools such as mechanical, cookware & food, tableware materials, and food samples.

This shop deals with all kitchen tools and provides more than 170 products. All cooking tools are also available in this shop. Originally this shop was opened to provide tools for various professional use. Unique products like food sample have attracted many tourist making many of them to visit the shop and purchase. Since the shop started dealing with those unique products the number of tourist visiting keep on increasing. Sometime lanterns used in Japan are also purchased from this shop. The shop has built a good reputation and many people recommend the purchase of the product there since they are of good quality and durable.

There is a possibility that Kappa has been given the permission to be living in Japan’s Riverside. For you to know the name of this street you must be very familiar with Japan. It was the poorly drained wetlands around 200 years ago. The owner gave the shop the name “Kappa-ya Kihachi”.  He was made to sell all his assets in order to raise money. He used the money to maintain his shop and update the stock.

In the beginning, he faced some challenges. He wanted the shop to be successfully worked tirelessly day and night for it to succeed. He was forced to leave his job to ensure that the shop made it through. After that, the business started growing and was successful.