Mercedes- AMG first Showroom in Tokyo


Mercedes-AMG new retail concept in Tokyo: First dedicated AMG showroom Affalterbach/Tokyo

Mercedes-AMG achieves greatness in its sales strategy with the opening of a devoted retail outlet in Tokyo Setagaya. The new space represents the performance brand and sports car for the first time in a discrete architecture and provides a client-friendly brand experience. The dealership is situated in a popular residential area in Tokyo’s Setagaya district and is an elevation of the current shop-in-shop system. It shapes the next stage of the globally acclaimed AMG Performance Centers and is a role model in the industry. The openings attention is the Mercedes-AMG GT R, which has helped expand the product line-up to the upper end of the range.

AMG Performance Centers have increased by 400 in 40 countries since 2008. The site in Tokyo Setagaya is based on a standalone concept unlike the shop-in-shop concept previously employed. Clients can experience the AMG brand universe on 2 storeys. The showroom’s focus is solely on the themes and models of the sports car and performance brand.

Chairman of the Board of Management Tobias Moers reported that based on the strategic enlargement of the product range, they have tirelessly worked to advance the AMG Performance Centers in the last 3 years. The store is a pioneer for future projects in other major cities. A similar store is to be opened in Sydney before the end of 2017.

Industrial design in car dealership architecture

The structure’s design is based on the architecture of a contemporary company building in Affalterbach together with the AMG “Driving Performance” brand claim. The focus of the exterior of the building is a LED façade. During the day, the white louvers’ and diagonal structure will provide a dynamic appearance. At nighttime, the white-red outside lighting is used.

Clients and prospects can learn about the latest AMG products and their technological features, the AMG Collection, the AMG Driving Academy, plus the involvement of AMG in motorsport. In future, autonomous AMG retail partners will take charge of all functions of a car dealership, and make a singular brand and product experience.

Real motorsport is staged inside. An intentionally simplified interior and focused lighting provide the precise stage for the car and performance models. The latest retail outlet has lounges, motorsport exhibits, a boutique and consultation areas to appeal to clients. The vehicle handover area is incorporated into the showroom and able to separate to provide customer privacy if required.

Flexible use of showroom for market launches, media, and VIP events

It has state of the art audio and visual technology. A power wall allows clients to set up Mercedes-AMG vehicles to their preferences, whereas a sound counter enables them to experience diverse engine sounds. Large-scale graphics create a closer link to motorsport.

The vehicles are displayed on asphalt. The black color creates an interesting juxtaposition to the white “arena” on the upper story. Different road markings lead to the showroom from the racetrack. They indicate to the history of the sports car and performance brand, which had a legendary win in 1971. In 2017, Mercedes-AMG celebrates its 50th anniversary and concentrates on the “Driving Performance” brand promise. The promise and brand values of Mercedes-AMG are seen in the recent retail outlet in Tokyo Setagaya.

The aim of the sales network development at Mercedes-AMG is to bring the attraction of motorsport to the client’s daily life. The mission is to realize the client’s’ needs in every aspect with well thought out cars in every detail and with an equally alluring brand universe. The store modeled on a stand-alone concept shows a new dimension in the client approach.

The over 400 AMG Performance Centers enacted in all key markets personify a bespoke client approach. Great customer assistance is a very important section of the AMG brand claim of “Driving Performance”. The commitment to continuously improve client relations currently is inclusive of 40 countries in total.

All AMG Performance Centers have showrooms which are depicted by a discrete and uniform AMG brand appearance. Good-quality materials, hallmark AMG colors and exclusive motorsport feeling ensure the creation of a unique one of a kind consultation atmosphere. For instance, the allure of motorsport, in general, is implied in a pit lane scenario with the bona fide feel and look. Interested visitors get the opportunity to encounter an interactive module that enables them to experience the AMG models’ engine sounds. Training is used to target clients to ensure they receive first class treatment and care especially when they are dealing with employees in the sales and service sector of AMG regardless of the location. A multi-stage AMG training strategy has been placed into existence to ensure that the retail concept proves to be a success.