Tokyo bay at Urayasu city


I wanted to show why I didn’t have videos recently but it got even worse than I expected.

It’s raining for almost two weeks stopping for half a day sometimes. The main cause if coming Typhoon. In my time in Tokyo it was never hit by typhoon in full force, but I want to check what is going on at the coast. So I’m going to walk along the coast from Shin-Urayasu station to the east.

I also want to test new way of protecting gimbal as new rainjacket with pants I bought specially for videowalks (to walk without umbrella). It should make filming rainy days much easier.

* Mention my name as @Rambalac if you want ask to make something closer or check other directions.
* Before asking check if you are really watching most recent live by clicking “Live” button.
* If you suggest direction do not use “here” as “here” for you is 5-10 sec past for me. Ask at least 10 sec before turn, or use big enough landmark like traffic lights or shop names.

4K archive of this live event will be uploaded about same day but 1 hour video takes up to a week to be processed by Youtube to full 4K quality. So be patient.

Filmed in 720p with Lumix GH5 camera, 8-18 f2.8-4 lens, Beholder EC1 stabilizer and Cerevo LiveShell 2 encoder.
Feel free to correct my English or suggest a video to film.