What Tokyo Expats Should Know About Driving in Japan


Driving in any foreign country is a challenging job particularly if we talk about driving in Tokyo as a foreigner. In Japan, roads are narrow, and you will have to drive on the left side. However, if you are a Tokyo expat, then you must know about the following information regarding driving in Japan.

International Drivers Permit

Before driving on the roads of Japan, either you have a Japanese Driving License, or you have an 
International Driving Permit (IDP). If you don’t have IDP, then you must have to apply for IDP in your home country before transferring in Japan. IDP is issued for one year on the basis of driver’s data, and after one year each driver must have to reissue it. With the help of IDP, you can legally and safely travel in all cities of Japan without any restriction.

Stop at all Train Tracks

Japan is one of the biggest economies of the world, and it has a well-established infrastructure of transportation. Before driving in Japan, you will have to understand how you will have to cross a
train track if you don’t want to lose your life.

You Can’t Turn Left on A Red Light

This is a special advice for drivers of the United States as in northern states of America it is fine if you move into left direction if lights are red but if you find red lights in Japan, you should not turn into left. So, before coming to Japan, you take a 
proper guide about the rules and regulations of driving in Japan.