Join me on a night out in Tokyo in my second Japan vlog! One of the first things I noticed about Tokyo, Japan, is that it’s very much a night city.

Things are eerily quiet during the day in Tokyo, but everything comes to life at night – so I decided I needed to experience the Tokyo nightlife before I left to explore the rest of Japan.

Our night out in Shinjuku started in Golden Gai – six alleyways of 200 small bars that only fit 5-10 people inside. We stopped in one of the Golden Gai bars to try some Japanese whiskey before moving on to Karaoke.

The best thing about karaoke in Tokyo is that it’s open 24 hours – so it doesn’t have to be something to do at night. But to get the true Tokyo nightlife experience, I included some Tokyo karaoke in this video. And it was SO much fun! (Big apologies for the singing, but it had to be done).

Then we fast forward to the next day. On our second night out in Tokyo, things got really crazy. We’d heard that the Shinjuku robot restaurant was a must-do when it comes to Tokyo nightlife for foreigners, so be booked our $80 tickets and went to see what it’s all about.

The robot show is everything I wanted Tokyo to be and more. If you one thing when you visit Japan, please visit the Tokyo robot show in Shinjuku. You won’t regret it.

As always, thanks for watching (especially if you made it though the singing!). I’ll be posting more Japan vlogs and guides to Japan every Wednesday and Sunday for the next month or so. See you there!