Tokyo Vlog 3 – Purikura & THE BEST GYOZA EVERRR! | Travel Time


Part Three marks the end of my Tokyo trip. As you can probably tell, I ate quite a lot…and man, do I miss the food my sisters and I had towards the end of our trip.

Day 5 was spent in Shibuya and Harajuku. Didn’t explore much in Shibuya, so I have to go back again one day. Harajuku was an unexpected favourite for me – the vibes, the snacks, the (slightly) cheaper price tags. Just letting you know, my favourite crepe among the 3 famous ones – Marion Crepes. Da best, imo!

Day 6 was when I met my Japanese friends I met in at Western! So glad to see them again after half a year. And the beef ball they introduced me to…I LOVE IT! Soooo juicy and crispy! *heart eyes*

Day 7, it was time to go home. But before that, we explored Tsukiji Market (and had mouth-watering, cheap-ass grilled scallops and eel) and Tokyo Station. I must say, Kakekomi gyoza was the best way to end the trip.

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