Think you can gulp down four huge bowls of Japanese Ramen Noodles in under 30 minutes? I tackle Tokyo’s $100 Ramen Noodle Challenge!
So many noodles! So little time! Let’s see if I succeed!

Japan is no stranger to the modern trend in competitive eating, and epic food challenge! There are numerous Japanese food challenges, such as the Wanko Soba challenge (わんこそば), but while in West Tokyo, I had the pleasure of discovering Abura Soba’s $100 Ramen Noodle Challenge!

Can you finish off the entirety of four huge bowls (大食い)of Ramen Noodles in under 30 minutes? Should you succeed, you’ll win 10,000 yen! That’s $100! There is even a 20,000 yen prize, should you manage to finish eight bowls in under 45 minutes! The $100 challenge is quite enough for me!

But all those ramen noodles, all that bamboo, all that meat, all that broth! It really is an epic cheat meal for your epic cheat day, ensuring a difficult and epic food challenge! 大食い チャレンジ !

Dare you take on Tokyo’s $100 Ramen Noodle Challenge!
Japanese: 大食い チャレンジ ラーメン

Have you also taken on a noodle challenge? Experienced a similar Japan noodle challenge? Let me know in the comments!

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